FAQ Page

I reserve the right to change prices as needed. Payment can be made via Paypal or Stripe (via my StorEnvy store).

Custom Covers*

*not open to new cover clients until March 2023.

  • $270 each (somewhat subjective–less for ebook alone.)
  • Price is  tied to artwork that is available on Stock Photo sites of which I’m a customer. If I must go to a different photo site (like Getty Images or Romance Covers) I will have to pay a great deal more for images, and will have to raise the price accordingly. (Because of the way licensing works, I have to purchase the images, not the author.)
  • Covers are expected to feature one or two people, plus one item. For more than that, there will be an upcharge of $20 per person or item to be included on cover.
  • Price includes 2 3D images per book for promotion, plus jpgs for internal cover page.
  • The project should be limited to 3 rounds of revision for initial design. Beyond that, an hourly rate of $25 per hour will apply.
  • I reserve the right to refuse clients for reasons of content, disharmonious working relationship, or unworkable time constraints.
  • Things to remember about a paperback version:
    • Wait until it is completely formatted before giving me the page count. This version should be the very last step, so no guessing. (If you’re wrong, I usually have to make an entirely new file, which while not complicated, is time consuming.)
    • If the page count is less than 100, there will be no writing on the spine.
    • If Amazon reports issues with the spine, please double check that you’ve given me the correct, final page count first before asking for a redo. If I have to redo your paperback cover because you gave me the wrong page count, it will be an additional $10, every time.
    • If you are using your own barcodes, you can either send me one or I will make one myself, using: This will not have a price on it. If you want one with a price, you’ll need to generate/acquire that yourself.
    • If you are doing Ingram Spark, this will take extra time and work from me, so it will be an additional $10. (They are also more fussy, leading to a lot of do-overs.)

3D Promotional Images

  • $10 for a single book image
  • $20 for multiple book images
  • $20 for single book images with text or alterations
  • $30 for box set images (up to 5 books) that require spine work.
  • (Images available depend on the author’s cover provided. Many images cannot be done if I don’t have access to the book’s spine or back cover.)

Specialized Social Media Images

  • Price will need to be negotiated for Radish Covers, Webpage Headers, Social Media Headers or posts.

Special Notes:

Time to complete projects will always be subject to negotiation, as I do have other responsibilities, but I will try to be prompt.

Most images included are purchased with a commercial license, which is usually good for 500,000 sales. If the author’s number of sales per cover (free copies do not count) exceeds that, it’s the author’s responsibility to contact me and let me know that a premium or extended licence is needed for each image. This will cost additional money, I’m afraid, as the extended licenses can be quite expensive. But if the author is selling that many books, then paying those artists for their work shouldn’t be out of the question…

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